A tiger lying on some grass

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Tigers are the largest wild cats in the world. The largest subspecies is the Siberian tiger which can up to 660 pounds! The smallest subspecies is the Sumatran tiger.

There are 9 subspecies of tiger, 3 now extinct. These include:
• Siberian tiger (endangered)
• Bengal tiger (endangered)
• South China tiger (critically endangered and possibly extinct)
• Malayan tiger (critically endangered)
• Indochinese tiger (endangered)
• Sumatran tiger (critically endangered)
• Bali tiger (went extinct in the 1940s)
• Javan tiger (went extinct in the 1980s)
• Caspian tiger (went extinct in the 1970s)

Check out this article from Live Science if you want to read more about each of the subspecies: Iconic Cats: All 9 Subspecies of Tigers

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